The Motoring Party

We are a centre party, that when necessary helps the full spectrum of people.


Introduce Grammar Schools plus Creative Schools. If there is not enough money to do this at the moment introduce Grammar wings in existing schools. Allow those that want to, to leave at fifteen. Introduce fast track University courses, reducing the duration of all present courses. A campaign to prevent young people from starting to take drugs.


Always keep the £. Liaise with our European neighbours and support them to overcome their difficulties. Never lend what we cannot afford to lose. Discuss having all future Olympic Games in Greece, allowing them to make money and taking away the worry and burden of debt from other countries. Immediately helping them and countries that need it with the migrant crisis. Reduce income tax as we clear the national debt. Review the "buy to let" system that keeps tenants prisoners to poverty and is a blight on our economy. Unravel E.U. rules. Discuss re-introducing MIRAS (Mortgage Interest Relief at Source) for first time buyers. Tax reduction for married couples. Foreign aid money has always been wasted, it is only our ideas that are going to solve the problems with delicate, intricate systems.

Retirement Age

Remain at 65 for men, 66 for Women, securing employment for women.


Promote keeping fit with daily twenty minutes exercises. Together with sports and hobbies. Help people to keep their weight healthy by eating and drinking correctly. Vital, keep harmony with all national health staff, always protect the National Health Service so it can always be at its very best.


Educate young people to stay away from crime and not to be tricked into it. Then show them the direction to take to give them the life they can appreciate. If this fails put prisoners on a value for money two day tough intensive training course incorporating writing selective words and sentences to rehabilitate. Make the law clear on defence of the home and the person. Put in place a punishment system that fits the crime and is a deterrent.


Stop it until such time we have cleared the national debt allowing services and systems to cope then rethink current immigration systems.

Foreign Policy

Remind everyone we live in space and as it is held so intricately spinning. It is fragile. So we must be thoughtful with our actions. Try with our utmost to take harmony to countries with conflict. Take poverty OFF our planet. We are the only party with the expertise to do this. Liaise with African countries about building houses giving people in England a new route to life, away from horrible flats and sink estates. Inform the Saudi Arabians of the advantages of allowing women to drive.

Human Rights

Try to negotiate them in countries that do not have them. Allowing criminals to be deported.

Speed limit on motorways 80mph.

Keep the time in Greenwich.


No expansion of London airports, why waste billions of borrowed money building an island when our land is an island.


Look after the most important people on the land, our farmers.

Always defend the United Kingdom to the full. Plus our Planet.


Everyone that is here stays here, as long as they want. For the future to avoid conflict, we must have responsible systems that take poverty from our world.

The Motoring Party

is the only one with the necessary precision